Monday, November 23, 2009

The Graham Happenings!

Acutally posted JANUARY 19TH 2010
Well as always, I am cramming everything that has happened the past few months in to one post. I used to be so good at this blogging thing, but now I'm what you call a blogging slacker. Oh well. First of all, for Halloween Wyatt was a clown. He looked soo cute as you can tell. He did not like the face paint at all at first, he wiped it off the first time we put it on him, but we were able to direct his attention away from it with his cup of juice!

This year we did the trunk or treat at the church and I think we'll do that every year. It's quick, easy and he got a ton of candy!
My brother Kaleb is finally home from his mission. He just got back from serving in the Idaho Pocatello mission and of course, loved it! In this picture we're showing him a t-shirt my Mom made for him with all the nicknames he has acquired over the years. Can you tell he likes it?

I LOVE my sister Sammy! I just wished we lived closer :(

the guys hanging out waiting for Kaleb. Don't you just love our shirts!!

And this was our BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree this year! I thought it was our best tree yet. Wyatt helped me decorate it this year and he only ended up breaking one ornament. He thought it was a ball and through it on the ground. haha! Oh well...
And as always we did the Nativity Scene, my favorite part! Heath and Janae were able to be there which was nice, they played Mary and Joseph, Wyatt was baby Jesus, I was the angle, Phil and Levi were the shepherds and Kaleb and Dillin were the wiseman. Good times
This year Wyatt put out some cookies and milk for Santa for the first time. When we woke him up on Christmas morning we showed him that they were eaten up and he had this look of fascination! It was soo cute!
Chillin' with Mr. & Mrs. Clause at the Sedona Wards Christmas Party!
So 2009 has been the best hunting year for Phil and I EVER!! First off, Phil shot a javalina in unit 37b with his bow to start the year off. Then he got this huge Buffalo carp with his bow in a contest put on at Rosevelt Lake. Phil, his uncle Dave and cousin Cody were a team and actually ended up winning first place!! Phil won $200 with this fish!!! Cha Ching! What a stud!
the guy next to him won the smallest fish award 2 days in a row!
Here is Phil's Awesome antelope he got with his bow in 5B on the last day of the hunt. I've never heard him sooo happy! It was a hard, challenging, frustrating, and rewarding hunt for him, so I'm glad he got one.

Here is Phil's "HUGE" bull he got in Unit 22. His first bull ever, since he can't ever draw an early archery bull tag to save his life, he had to go for them in november when they are very recluse. Phil, his uncle Dave and cousin Cody where all blessed to tag out this year, especially since they came off ten days of hunting last year with nothing.

This is Phil's whitetail deer he also got in Unit 22. Isn't he a beauty?

This was the only picture we got of my HUMONGEOUS 2 point! I was happy with anything though. I got this one in Unit 6B. We got it right before dark as you can tell, so it was quite the hike back out with only Phil's headlamp to light the way!

Oh we're not done yet...... This is my cow I got on the last day of the hunt in Unit 7E. It was early in the morning we had pretty much given up just driving down the road, Phil was going Mach 90 to get to the next spot to look for them when I glanced over and saw two of them just hanging out on the side of the road, Phil slammed on his brakes and the rest is History!

I think that's all the animals we've killed, what a lucky year huh?
Here are some pictures and a video of a fire drill Phil did in his fire class. It was really cool to watch!
They were practicing controlling a propane fire.

And he finally did it ladies and gentlemen, Phil graduated from his fire class with flying colors! Wyatt and I are sooo proud of him, he really worked and study hard for this. He definitely deserves it!

Here's a couple pictures of our little woodcutting trip down in Payson. Besides almost being stranded out in the wilderness over night cause Phil's truck wouldn't start, it was a great trip!

I had to get a shot of this, this one tree was infested with ants! This picture doesn't give it justice at all and was actually a while after we had cut it down, so you can imagine how many more ants were on it before I took the picture! Yuck!

After all that hard work, Wyatt was dead to the world.

And the Biggest news of all......We're Pregnant with #2!!! And we have also found out what it is and it's a...........................GIRL!!!! We are so excited, especially me, now I won't be as out numbered and I can't wait to dress her up in those adorable clothes they have for girls!! I am about 20 weeks and am due on June 4th! We can't wait, especially Wyatt. He keeps saying SISTER!! And giving her hugs and kisses all the time! Actually the funny thing is Phil and I thought it was going to be a boy the whole time, but every time we'd ask Wyatt if he wanted a brother or sister, he would always say sister. So I guess Wyatt called it!
Here's the money shot!
And here she is saying hi to everyone!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Summer Fun!

Well, the Summer is over now unfortunately. Now the cold winter days are on their way here and we're somewhat excited, but we really love the Summers here in Flagstaff. Oh well. Anyway, here are a ton of pictures of what we've been up to this Summer. Enjoy...

This is the newest addition to our family! His name is Rocco and he is a Jack Russell Terrior and boy is he hyper!! But so much fun! Phil loves to come home from work and just play with him, he's a great dog.

These two pictures are of our AMAZING tree fort! Us "3 Triplets" (aka: Taylor, AshLee, & Logan) used to build things like this at every Hatch Reunion and set traps and stuff in it. Well, we decided to relive old memories and had a blast making it! The fern decorations on the sides were my idea by the way!
Wyatt decided to go free bird and run around the camp for some reason! What can he say, he just loves to be naked! Actually we took his clothes off to try and potty train him a little bit. It didn't work out as planned, he just ended up with a dirty butt.
Gotta love the tree swing!

Yeah he REALLY Loves the tree swing! haha!

What a hunk!

And of course, it wouldn't be a Hatch Reunion without a Talent Show! Sammy sang a beautiful song.
Keshia, Mariah & Jezeraih did a hillarious "re-make" of a dance that their sister, my cousin Tara did when she was 11. Sooooo funny!!!
The two Army Men doing what they do best! They did a hillarious couple of skits!
ummmm.......I'm still at a loss for words about this little number. I don't know how they did it, or what kind of coaxing they used, but Tara, Melissa & Jenny were somehow able to get their husbands to dress like this. Why they agreed to it......I'll never know. But it was pretty funny! They did a dance to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.
Well, Wyatt turned two in August! I know, I know, welcome to the Terrible two's! haha! just look at that face! It just spells trouble doesn't it? This party we had for him at Phil's parents house down in Sedona, it was a joint birthday party with his cousin Brooklyn.

We were so excited to give Wyatt this Big Wheel. He loved it, but unfortunately he's a shrimp like his Mama and couldn't reach the pedals! haha!

And here's the Birthday girl! Brooklyn!

We had another little joint birthday party with "Crappa" at Thorpe park.

Blowin' the candles out!

My Dad has reached his "Over the Hill" status, so of course we had to throw a party to celebrate how old & senile he is!! hence the wheelchair! :)

Also this Summer, we made the long awaited, yearly trip to Bull Pen! It was a ton of fun! Tristyn was able to come join us, so we had a blast hanging out with him cause we don't get to see him very often unfortunately. Here we are on the ride over there just so excited!

Wyatt just loves his sunglasses. He thinks he's the coolest kid ever when he has them on. Well, he's pretty cool don't you think?

The Gossip circle

Don't do it Phil!!!

Always throwing rocks

This is the chute, it's just a bunch of water rushing in between two huge bolders and you go under the water and slide down underneath. It's so fun!
And after a long day at Bull Pen, hiking about 2 miles in and 2 miles out in the hot sun, swimming all day, this is what happens....

Well that's our Summer in a nut shell. Good Times!