Thursday, June 10, 2010

She's Here!!!!

That's right everyone, ShayLee Summer Graham has finally come to join our family and we couldn't be happier! She was 6 lbs 6 oz, very small compared to our big chunk of a son Wyatt who was 7 lbs 12 oz. She was 18 inches long, 1 inch shorter than Wyatt. She had been breech pretty much the whole pregnancy and Monday morning, the 24th of May, we were going to be going into the hospital at 6:30 to do the version to try and turn her around. Well, my alarm went off at 5:30 that morning and as soon as I pushed snooze, she did a big karate kid kick and broke my water! I had never experienced the water breaking thing before and let me tell is the wierdest feeling, I thought I had peed my pants but soon realized that wasn't the case. So I jumped up out of bed and in a rush I woke Phil up and off to the hospital we went. Everything worked out great, cause our Dr. was planning on being there anyway and within an hour or so, she was out! She was taken by c-section of course, and came out with her butt to the world! haha! She took right to nursing and let me tell you, it's been quite a terrible experience so far cause she is the hardest sucker in the world!! Anyway, she's beautiful, healthy & strong. What more could we ask for? Wyatt is taking to the new addition very well. At first he didn't know what to think about the whole thing because I don't think he really understood what was going on. Seeing me in the hospital bed really freaked him out though, he's such a sweet boy. But now he's asking to hold her all the time and is so fascinated with her hands and feet and how little they are. It's so cool to watch him with her! He's going to be such a good big brother. As far as Wyatt getting used to not having all the attention all the time, he's doing pretty good. Although he does have his moments of course. He very quickly figured out that whenever ShayLee cries she gets picked up and gets attention. So needless to say, he's starting to perfect the "fake cry". But he doesn't have to do much to get attention, Phil and I are making sure he's not left out at all. So there you have it, it was quite the experience and boy am I glad to be done! I'm really enjoying having a baby again, besides the sleepless nights, it's great. But man alive is it tiring having two kids! Hopefully the energy level will start to pick up as I heal so I can keep up with them. Thank you to everyone who came to visit us and made us meals and for all of you and your love and support!

2 Days old

She Loves to lay on her belly

This outfit she's wearing used to be mine when I was a baby, so I had to put it on her of course! I Love having a little girl!

Phil just loves her of course. When I asked him what he thought, he said "She's got me wrapped around her little finger!" She's going to be a Daddy's girl for sure.

My talented Mom crochets these beautiful dresses so of course we had to try some on!

And here's Big Brother Wyatt just loving his new little sister!

This picture just melts my heart!