Friday, January 21, 2011

Long overdue....

Playing catch up again...... these are in no particular order. Just the happenings of the Graham Crackers in 2010. Enjoy!

Ah! She has no idea what's coming! She did so good though.

Ok, I felt really bad when I looked at this picture!

But you know what they say, pain is beauty!!

Bestest Buds

Yay! They tied the knot! Sorry Megan, you're stuck with us forever:)

My sister's the best!!

Ok this is one of the many things I love about my son....everytime he sees a flower, he picks it up and gives it to me! He is going to make his future wife very happy:)

What a handsome little guy

Mama's little girl! aaaahhh

What a cheeseball!

Oh I Love my family!!

Aunt Cheri's famous Pin the nose on Rudolph game (we won't mention the actual name of this game! haha!)

Santa's little reindeer

Oh I wish I could be a kid again!!

There's my Mama in her sexy new boots we gave to her for Christmas! Ow! Ow!

I started a new tradition this year, every year from now on when after we decorate the tree, I'll play the guitar and we'll sing christmas carols together!

Papa & the Graham Crackers.....Hey that could be a cool band name!

Wo! Hello flash!

Ah, sibling love! But by the looks of her face, she don't like it! jk!

Wyatt's first letter to Santa. He's so proud of himself!

ShayLee's face is priceless!! It says "Mom, I'm miserable in this! Please get this off of me!"

He can show 3 fingers now, but he'll be showing 4 here pretty soon! yikes!!

Wyatt & "Uncle Satan"......I mean, Uncle Jared! haha!

Aaaahhh, I LOVE being a Mom!!

I love my little boy! I love both my kids of course, but there's definitely a special bond between me & Wyatt....