Monday, December 31, 2007

Finally some Inspiration! Thanks Grandma!

So this past Friday as I was driving out to my parents to pick up my brothers for the weekend words to a new song just came to my mind. It was so inspiring, I had to pull over and write it down so I wouldn't forget! When I got home, I got right on the piano and the rest of the words and music just came to me. It was amazing! It has been sooo long it seems since the last time I have been inspired to write a song, but this one just hit me! It's about my Grandma Peggy who passed away about a year and a half ago. Basically in the song, it's her talking to me telling me to let her go, to stop crying for her, to hold on to that hope that I will one day see her again! I could feel my Grandma with me the whole time as I was writing this song, it was an experience I will never forget! I love you Grandma!

1st verse:
Let go of me
I'm just a thought away
That will never change
Cause I am here

And those memories we've shared
Keep them close to your heart
Let that remind you
I'm not that far

It's so hard to say goodbye
To the closest part of your life
But what we believe will keep our eyes dry
I will see you again
But for now...let me go

2nd Verse:
There were so many things
I wish I could've said to you that night
I felt you so close to me
Holding your hand in mine

There's no sense in holding on
So please don't cry for me
Cause we know the truth is
My Spirit's free

It's so hard to say goodbye
To the closest part of your life
But what we believe will keep our eyes dry
I will see you again
But for now...let me go

And now you're sitting there
Wondering what you're gonna do
Without me in your life
I wonder too

It's so hard to say goodbye
To the closest part of your life
But what we believe will keep our eyes dry
I will see you again
But for now
Yes I will see you again
But for now...let me go

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Puttin' up the Christmas Tree!

There goes papa putting up the star! Isn't she a beauty? The star I mean.

Look at him put that ornament on there! What a big boy!

"That's not the tree honey."

And here is the finished product! Isn't it beautiful! All that hard work paid off!

Deer Season up in Payson

Well this weekend was the big weekend...DEER SEASON!!! oh boy! This time, instead of Phil going alone, Wyatt and I decided to tag along. We stayed in Joe's cabin (a friend of Uncle Dave & Aunt Bev's) and hung out with Aunt Bev on Friday and Saturday. It was pretty fun. Wyatt just loves his Great Aunt Bev!

Here's Wyatt's "Deer In The Headlights" look. Pretty good huh?
He's starting to get the hang of holding his own bottle. We have to put his hands around it of course, but once it's there, it won't fall out of his death grip!

Here they are, Two peas in a pod checking out the deer pictures on the computer!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Peeping Tom

I was at work one day and this squirrel came up to the door and tried to get a peek inside! It was so funny! He came back several times after that wanting to know what was going on inside. Funny stuff!

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture!

Some more CUTE pictures of the little man...

Ok so I finally figured out how to get the pictures off my phone onto my computer, yeah I know, I'm a little slow. Anyway, here are some really cute ones you guys haven't seen yet! So Enjoy!

My Dad loves to make Wyatt pout just for kicks and giggles. It's hillarious and all out of good fun I promise.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grampy's B-Day Party In Sedona

I LOVE sunsets!!! We went down to Sedona for Phil's Dad's b-day party and to help Nate and Brette move and there it was...AMAZING!!!

See what I'm talking about? The camera of course doesn't give it much justice, but it was beautiful!

I absolutely love this picture! What a goof ball! I think he'll be the next Michael Jordan. What do you think? He's definitely got the tounge thing down!

Fold you arms Wyatt. Good Job son! He's such a good boy!

I Wanna Be Cool Like My Pops!


What do you think Pops?

Monday, November 26, 2007

We Got Elfed!!!

Haha! You guys have to check this out! It's hillarious! The Graham Cracker's know how to bust a move if you know what I mean! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I've been Tagged...

My Sister-In-Law Brette tagged me, so here it goes!

Six facts about me....

1. I am deathly afraid of spiders!! I've always been afraid of them since I was little, but after I saw the movie "Arachnaphobia"...I am petrified! I can't smash them! I can't get within ten feet of them! I can't even look at them without freaking out! I'm so afraid they're going to crawl on me and eat me alive! no joke.

2. I just barely found out from my Mom that I've been spelling my name wrong my whole life. I have always spelt it Ash Lee, but it's really AshLee. No space. Enough said about that...

3. I was prom princess my junior year. Yeah, I know, what a flook huh?

4. I have written several songs, have a c.d. and plan on becoming a professional songwriter!

5. I was known as "The Queen of Tetherball" when I was in grade school! I beat a 6 foot 6th grader named Adam Sandstrom, he was supposedly "The King of Tetherball", but I kicked his trash and took away his throne! Take that Adam! jk! haha!

6. In college me and a bunch of my friends went and played on cottonseed on this guys cotton farm and the farmer heard us and started coming towards the seed we were playing on in his truck. So some of our friends got scared and hopped in their truck and took off and the owner saw them and chased after them for a good 2 miles or so. We saw the whole thing! It was a high speed chase down the highway! He was ticked! Then we decided to leave and as we came off of the huge pile of cottonseed, the farmers wife drove up to us and caught us, we thought we were dead, but she just told us to "get in before he comes back!" So she drove us to our car and we left! She was a pretty cool farmer's wife if you ask me!

Ok now I will tag... Sammy, Rachelle, Lyndsay, & Jen.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Hey everyone! My friend Laura needs your help! She has entered into a photography competition where whoever gets the most votes wins some cool prizes! So here's her picture, it's called "Marcus". All you need to do is click on the link below and rate it, that's it! Thanks everyone!

Rate my photo, Click here

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's Bath Time!!!

It was Phil's first time giving Wyatt a bath. He's definitely a rookie which is why.... he needed a little help from mua! haha! jk! he did a great job!

ALL CLEAN!!! and he doesn't look too happy about it! :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Wyatt's Room

Well for those of you who haven't seen Wyatt's room it is! My Grandma Peggy had this room bright orangish, redish. It was pretty gross. No offense Grandma! jk! Anyway, we did it camoflauge, of course. Phil wouldn't have it any other way. He did the camo part all by himself, and the rest with a little bit of help from Kaleb, Dillin, and Levi. It looks great and I'm sure Wyatt will love it when he gets older if he's anything like his Pops!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Wyatt looked so dang cute in his Halloween costumes! This Anne Geddy bear outfit is from Phil's Mom. Thanks Mimi! He was nice and cozy in it when we went trick ir treating out in the freezing cold! We went with my Aunt Jacque and my cousin Tristyn. I can't wait till Wyatt is Tristyn's age and can run door to door sayng "trick or treat!" And hopefully not run too fast and fall on his face like Tristyn did last night! uh oh!

Here's the cute Tiger outfit my Mom gave to Wyatt! We took him to our Ward Halloween party and he loved it! So much so that he was pooped afterwards! Just couldn't handle all the excitement and fun!!! Poor kid.


We had the big fall gathering this past weekend up in Payson and it was a blast! Bobbing for apples, going on the hay ride, singing songs around the campfire, have a marshmallow gun was good times for the Graham family this weekend!! Enjoy!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fun at the Sand Dunes!!

Well, it was Wyatt's first trip to the sand dunes this past weekend and we all had a blast! We roughed it in a tent and everything went great until the last night when the biggest dust storm I have ever seen in my life came rolling in! It was miserable out there! Heath and Janae's tent collapsed so they went in my parents trailer, and thank goodness Jared & Sammy brought a trailer or Phil and I would have been SOL! Anyway, the wind was blowing our tent so hard, sand was pouring in and Wyatt slept through the whole thing! It was amazing! He also slept through all the noisy bikes riding around our camp all night! When he's out, he's out!! Anyway, it was a lot of fun hanging out with the fam and being able to go on the last dune trip with Kaleb before he leaves.

Who Needs Beer!!!!

This picture was taken on our way up to the peaks to look at the leaves the Sunday after General Conference. He was pretty tired if you can tell. haha! I'm totally going to send this in to Sunkist!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wyatt's Blessing!

Well as most of you know we had Wyatt's baby blessing this past Sunday and it was awesome! Phil did such a good job! He said he was nervous, but to everyone else in the room, you couldn't even tell! Wyatt looked so dang cute in his tux I didn't want to take it off! Thanks to my sis-in-law Andrea, he was able to wear it. A lot of family came to celebrate this special day with us for which we are soo grateful! It was an amazing experience!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Handsome Son!

Well, we have just recently added a new addition to our family and we couldn't be happier! Wyatt Benjamin Graham came into our lives on August 6th 2007! He weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and was 19 in. long! He is such a handsome boy and is already getting quite the personality. Phil and I are both so happy right now, words can't even begin to explain!