Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Deer Season up in Payson

Well this weekend was the big weekend...DEER SEASON!!! oh boy! This time, instead of Phil going alone, Wyatt and I decided to tag along. We stayed in Joe's cabin (a friend of Uncle Dave & Aunt Bev's) and hung out with Aunt Bev on Friday and Saturday. It was pretty fun. Wyatt just loves his Great Aunt Bev!

Here's Wyatt's "Deer In The Headlights" look. Pretty good huh?
He's starting to get the hang of holding his own bottle. We have to put his hands around it of course, but once it's there, it won't fall out of his death grip!

Here they are, Two peas in a pod checking out the deer pictures on the computer!


S & A Millar said...

What a cute boy!!!! I love the picture of pil and him togeter, you have two cute boys!!! And what a big boy holding his own bottle!!! oh and your tree looks really pretty! I just love Christmas!