Monday, October 22, 2007

Fun at the Sand Dunes!!

Well, it was Wyatt's first trip to the sand dunes this past weekend and we all had a blast! We roughed it in a tent and everything went great until the last night when the biggest dust storm I have ever seen in my life came rolling in! It was miserable out there! Heath and Janae's tent collapsed so they went in my parents trailer, and thank goodness Jared & Sammy brought a trailer or Phil and I would have been SOL! Anyway, the wind was blowing our tent so hard, sand was pouring in and Wyatt slept through the whole thing! It was amazing! He also slept through all the noisy bikes riding around our camp all night! When he's out, he's out!! Anyway, it was a lot of fun hanging out with the fam and being able to go on the last dune trip with Kaleb before he leaves.

Who Needs Beer!!!!

This picture was taken on our way up to the peaks to look at the leaves the Sunday after General Conference. He was pretty tired if you can tell. haha! I'm totally going to send this in to Sunkist!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wyatt's Blessing!

Well as most of you know we had Wyatt's baby blessing this past Sunday and it was awesome! Phil did such a good job! He said he was nervous, but to everyone else in the room, you couldn't even tell! Wyatt looked so dang cute in his tux I didn't want to take it off! Thanks to my sis-in-law Andrea, he was able to wear it. A lot of family came to celebrate this special day with us for which we are soo grateful! It was an amazing experience!