Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's Bath Time!!!

It was Phil's first time giving Wyatt a bath. He's definitely a rookie which is why.... he needed a little help from mua! haha! jk! he did a great job!

ALL CLEAN!!! and he doesn't look too happy about it! :)



Oh he is so cute!!! Yes I was getting you back for that ugly picture you put of me on your's!! Ha Ha sucka!! I am the coolest bambi killer you have ever met!! just kidding!! Love ya

Farr Family said...

He is getting so big!! I have to say- Mommy always does it better! Just kidding. I love to watch Ryan try to feed Dallin. I think he gets more on his face than his mouth. What a cute big boy you have!
Love ya- Kimberly, Ryan, and Dallin

Spencer and Marlee said...

He is one cute naked baby!! I can't believe how much he has grown! WOW!

Brette said...

Sounds like Phil needs more practice giving baths! Our schedule is always open. Soo we just need to plan it and do it. We've been talking about this for like 5 months now. Nate and I will probably be moving out of our house sometime in the next few weeks, soo maybe we can just have it in Sedona and break in the new house. And thats close for Shelby and Andrea too, heck even TOd and Denise can come. Soo anyway we can do it wherever, whenever!!

snagbrksm said...

Well Phil sorry, but that is pathetic wyatt is three months old and this is the first bath you have ever givin him! You betta step up brother!!!!

McDonald's said...

AshLee, so glad I found your guys blog! I was wondering who's baby you guys were holding and I realised it was yours! Congrats! How have you guys been?
Amy Johnson (McDonald)
I knew you guys in Flag...ring a bell? Lol.