Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wyatt's Doctor Appointment

Well, we took Wyatt to the doctor on Tuesday and he weighs 18 lbs 4 oz now! Big kid! My arms can attest to this, I've got some big guns to take to the gun show now! haha! He's 26 in. long and his head circumference is 46.4 cm! His weight is in between the 50-75th percentile, his height is in between the 25-50th percentile, but his head is in the 97th percentile! Yes...our son is a genius. :) The doctor seemed a little concerned about this and suggested getting Wyatt a CT Scan on his head just to make sure there's nothing wrong. The reason he suggested this is because his head grew so fast since his last appointment, but he didn't seem too concerned because his weight shot up too, which he says is normal, but just because it's in such a high percentile he wants us to get it looked at. Phil and I are a little nervous about it, but feel that everything's fine. He still acts completely normal and is still his happy go lucky self. So not to worry any of you, we're sure it's fine, but just to keep you all posted on what's going on with our little guy so you're all in "the know" and if you guys can say a little prayer for him that would be great, what harm could it do right? Thanks.


Cody and Suzanne said...

Hello he is a Graham, have you seen Cody and Preston, BIG heads.
I am just kidding, kind of, they do have big heads. I am sure he is fine but we will defenitly keep him in our thoughts and prayers and as for your arms, I think you need a massage, he is a big kid, Katherine is only 23lbs so your little man is catching her fast!

............................................ said...

haha, his head doesn't really even look that big..? i would have never noticed. but i will def be thinking about you guys! good luck!

Rachel and Jared said...

Thanks for letting us know. I'm sure everything will be fine, but we'll keep him in our thoughts and prayers. Take care!

Farr Family said...

Wyatt is getting so big and so adorable. Our guy is big too so I know all about getting great arm muscles. Your fam is always in our prayers. We know it will all work out. Keep us updated. We love you!