Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Brain Tumors or Skin Cancer!!! Yeah!!

Well, we got the results back and the cat scan came out completely normal, which is what we thought the whole time. However the doctor said there's a good chance, because his head is so large, that he'll be a baby genius and should be tying his own shoes and speaking full sentences by the time he's 9 months!!! haha jk! But thank you everyone very much for putting him in your prayers! Anyway, you're probably wondering what the skin cancer title is all about. The day after Wyatt's cat scan, I went to the dermotologist to get a wierd looking freckle on my face checked out. We're not hypochrondriacs by the way, I promise. Anyway, after I got pregnant with Wyatt, this spot on my face started showing up and it got really dark, then it started flaking and peeling, and now it's getting lighter. My Dad, my Grandma Peggy, My Aunt Jacque, they have all had skin cancer burned off so I just wanted to get mine checked out. Anyway, turns out, it was just because of the hormones when I got pregnant that made it get really dark and now that I'm not pregnant, the hormones are getting back to normal so the spot is fading. When the doctor was telling me this I felt so stupid because as soon as he started explaining it to me, I remember my gynocologist telling me about that, so I felt pretty dumb, but oh well, what can you do right? Well, that's it, we're all happy and healthy and that's all that matters.


Andy and Sara said...

Glad everyone is healthy!!

Brette said...

This calls for a Party!! I'm glad everything went well for the both of you. Better safe then sorry. The bottom line here is, I think you've got a baby genius on your hands! I'm totally down for sledding! I've been wanting to go for a long time, so we should go sometime soon. And.. we still need to have that bbq we've been planning for like a year now :)