Monday, October 27, 2008

Can you say "Slacker"?

gosh I can't believe how terrible I have been lately at putting up new posts! I've been meaning to for forever, but just can't find the time to do it. But here's a little something....just a few things....Phil had his birthday September 17th, he turned 25 this year! He's now a 1/4 of a century old! haha! I was going to throw a big bash for him, but was still pretty worn out from Wyatt's party that I decided not to, I felt bad, but what can you do right? Anyway, for his birthday he wanted to go cut wood??? I don't know what kind of wierdo I married, but he wanted to cut wood, so whatever floats his boat right? Wyatt and I had fun watching him and Phil just had a blast, I think he feels like a manly man when he uses his chain saw or something, who knows? :) So that was that.....what else.....oh Janae threw Heath a surprise birthday party, what a good wife, unlike myself, which was a ton of fun! Heath is soo spoiled! jk!
Ummm....We had the Fall gathering this past weekend with Phil's family which was a blast! Sorry I didn't take any pictures, Phil took the camera hunting in case he killed something. He hunted from sun up to sun down, came back at night just exhausted. Poor guy. He didn't kill anything, but he's real good about getting over things and moving on with his life, that's one of the many things I love about him! Anyway, the festivities this weekend included: badmitton (I love that game), ping pong (again, another favorite), going on a hayride to look at leaves (Well, Wyatt was sleeping when they went, so we didn't go, but everyone else did and they said the leaves were beautiful), eating lots of food, playing cards, sitting by the campfire, roasting some mallows, it was a ton of fun! Thanks Aunt Bev and Uncle Dave for putting this on again and for all you do! :)
Let's see what else....oh I have a genius idea for a song! Well, you probably wouldn't call it genius, but I feel really good about it cause it just hit me really hard one night and the words just started coming to me. Anyway, it's going to be about our Heavenly Father forgiving us for our sins as many countless times as he does, but how forgiving ourselves and letting go of those sins is just as important! It's going to be called "Let Go" of course, and just to give you a sneak preview of some of the words I've come up with....

Let go of your sins, let go of your fears
For you are forgiven, wipe away your tears
Release your burdens, remember no more
But remember your Savior and what he died for
You have been forgiven my child you know, now Let Go!

Anyway, I'm always open to any criticism and new ideas so tell me what you think! :) if you like it, hate it, needs some major help, any of the above, I'm open to it all!


Tanner and Lisa Williams said...

O I LOVE IT!! You KNOW I am the HUGGEST fan of yours!! I cant wait to hear it! Are you ever going to send me a cd??

Suzanne said...

Payson was fun and I am glad Phill survived the bears (really I am) how scary.
I love the song, you have a beautiful voice and we all love listening to you sing, I loved the song you played for us up there.
I can't wait to hear this one.

S. and A. Millar said...

I like the song, its going to be a hit for sure!!! I went to a fire side the other night that you would have liked. It was about pursuing your dreams, and using your talents no matter your age, and that there is a season for everything! The girl who spoke is an LDS artist who is a mom of two, and started a little later in life with her music career. You would have really liked it! Oh also did you get the pictures I sent you of the fall gathering?

S. and A. Millar said...

Her name is Mindy Gledhill. She came personally to Cottonwood stake center, it was a stake fireside. It was really good. Oh another question for you. How do you get your contacts to show up like you have them on the side, showing when they have posted something new?