Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's only a Picture

It's only a picture
That rests on my wall
Kept in a frame
It's my favorite of all

It's only a picture
Hard to describe
With words I cannot
But I will try...

He is my Savior
He is my Friend
The one I will walk with in the End
The Perfect example
Of Unconditional Love
He's everything
I've always wanted to be
He is my Savior

It's only a picture
I know He's real
Cause deep within my heart
It's something I feel
It's only a picture
A simple thing
But when I close my Eyes
He's standing in front of me
And as He reaches out his hands
So gentle and so kind
I look into His eyes
He looks deep into mine
And I can't deny
He is my Savior
He is my Friend
The One I will walk with in the end
He suffered every pain
It was all for me
He's everything
I'll ever hope to be
He is my Savior
This song just came to me this past week and I feel that it is truly inspired by Him. I hope you can feel His spirit in these words and that they inspire all of you to try your hardest to become more like Him. I know it's inspired me a lot already! But boy do I have a long ways to go... but thanks to Him, perfectness is within our reach if we try our hardest and put our Faith and trust in Him, nothing is impossible.


Franknkaren said...

You wrote this? That's awesome! I'd love to hear the music that goes with it.

Eric and Breanna Graham said...

You're totally amazing! YOu have such a talent. Thanks for sharing

Erin said...

I sure needed this today!!! Perfect perfect timing Ashlee. Thanks. You are VERY talented!

amber said...

beautiful! my blog is going private, so if you would like to be invited could you send your email to thanks!

Jen & Blake said...

This is amazing! I'd love to hear the music too. Do you have some of your music on a website that we can listen too? You are so talented! Keep sharing:)

Farr Family said...

I am so truly impressed! That poem really touched me. Can I share this poem with my Laurels? I am so blessed to teach them every Sunday! Your family is so awesome! We love you!