Monday, June 8, 2009

A lot of Catching up to do!

Well I guess you could call me the World's Biggest Blogger Slacker ever!! I definitely think I've earned that title! Actually, if any of you want to hear why I haven't updated in a long time is because we got a virus on our computer from Facebook and I just haven't had the time to deal with it and I didn't want to risk turning on my computer and having someone steal all our information. Anyway, to make a long story short, we got rid of the virus and our computer is back to good health. As for the new news in the Graham Family, Phil passed his EMT class and is now certified in Arizona! Woo Hoo!! Yeah my husband's a stud! So now all Phil has left is one semester of the Fire 1 & 2 and he can take the State test and start applying wherever he can get on! So needless to say we're pretty excited for that day to come. Wyatt is getting bigger and smarter and more of a pain everyday!! :) I'm definitely staying skinny chasing him around everywhere cause he's sooo stinkin' fast!! He will be the Big Terrible 2 on August 6th, so time is flying by! As for me, I'm staying as busy as possible, I still teach private tennis lessons, and yes, I'm still working for my Dad, but only a couple hours a week. I also just started working for a company called Primerica. We help the middle class family and pretty much anyone else who needs financial help, getting out of debt and financial planning. Yeah, I never thought I would be doing something like that, but we gotta pay the bills, so i'm giving it a shot. Also, the most exciting news ever!! I'm going to be recording a demo c.d. of my songs, about 5 of them, this Friday!!!!!! My Mom has been so nice to help me out with it, she will be playing most the piano part and doing the harmony, plus we're recording a song we wrote together for her Stake Primary Leadership Training Meeting. So we're way excited. If any of you would like a copy I would love to send you one, just email me your address :) Besides that, life is good and we're living everyday to the fullest!

Here's our fun, loving, crazy, full of life son Wyatt. He's going to be musically inclined I think, he just picked up the guitar, I put him in the chair and he held it perfectly! I promise, I did not place the guitar in his hands like that, he's holding it right all by himself. A Natural you might say!

This is Wyatt's new way of relaxing! haha! What a goofball!

This was for Mormon Prom for my brother Dillin. We had a dinner for Dillin, and all his friends and their dates. It was a blast! Sammy and I were the waitresses and I think we did a pretty dang good job if I do say so myself! Don't we look so professional?? It was Sammy's idea for the ties, what a genius!

Oh I Love my sister Sammy!
And of course we gotta do our sexy poses! It's tradition!

I came up the name of our Restuarant. What do you think? I thought it was pretty catchy!
Here is the handsome man himself! What a Stud!

Here's the set-up. We did the best with what we had don't you think?

Wyatt and I are pretty much best friends. He usually has no clue what I'm saying and I have no clue what he's saying most the time so it works out pretty good for both of us. We just smile and nod! Boy do I love him! :)


Stacey said...

ack I miss you and Sammy SO much!


Man we look good!! We should become professional waitresses. Ha Ha even though I spilt I think twice. I need to work on that!! ha ha ha ha!! I love you!!

Lindsey said...

It was so much fun seeing you the other day!!! And I definitely want my ears to partake of your lovely can I get a copy?!?!?!

Rachel and Jared said...

Finally!!I've been waiting for an update from you guys for forever! haha, j/k. Congrats for Phil, Good luck with those other classes! Ashlee, I got my haircut! I love it! I'll post pictures. Later!

Jen & Blake said...

Yeah, glad your computer is working! Loved the update. COngrats to Phil! And goodluck with your new job too:) Wyatt is such a stud, I can't believe he is one! What nice sisters, your dinner looked awesome:)

Merry said...

What a cute boy you have! It sure looks like you've got a great little family.

Farr Family said...

You have so much fun!!!! Wyatt is so adorable in the pictures! Good luck on the cd. I would buy one in a heart beat so let me know when I can!! We love ya!!

Veleda said...

You guys should open your own restaurant...with such cute waitresses I am sure everyone would want to come. Dillin looks so Grown Up...where has all the time go?
Love the pictures of Wyatt! What a little character he is. Wish we could see him more.

Chlarson Family said...

You guys are so cute! What awesome sisters to do that for your brother. I love you guys!