Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mormon Prom

Well this past weekend, Wyatt and I went to Mormon prom to help my Mom dj. My husband, being absent due to hunting ;), couldn't go and be my date so Wyatt, as willing as he is, took his place! We had a lot of fun and got to dress up, which every once in a while, I love to do. Wyatt looked handsome and was the best date I could've asked for. Oh yeah, he was my Mom's as well, what a pimp! jk! Heath and Janae came, Janae looked beautiful in her dress and Heath, as handsome as ever. Anyway, it was a lot of fun.

My Mom the dj! Isn't she so cool?!?

Heath & Janae all dressed up and ready to bust a move!
Wyatt, acting like the King sitting on his throne. What a goof!

Momma & Wyatt dancing the last dance... It was a great night :)



Wyatt is so cute! I love the throne Picture. Man I wish I could have been there. I hate living down here I wish I lived close to you guys so we can hang out more! Well thats enough of me complaining. Well I love your blog and yes I will get those other pics to you soon.

k.c. said...

does wyatt lead well when dancing? hehehe you guys are too cute!