Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Phil hits his second deer in less than 2 years of marriage!

So Phil was driving home on Lake Mary Road after a fishing trip on Saturday a couple weeks ago and Whammo!!! He hit his second deer in less than 2 years of marriage! Can anyone say "Bad luck?" He called me right after it happened and said "Babe I have some bad news" and of course my first reaction was, "did you get another ticket?" Because he has gotten his share of tickets believe you me. "Nope. I hit another deer." Anyway, it was pretty bad, but we are very thankful it wasn't a huge elk or anything that could've caused more damage or possibly hurt Phil.

These two pictures were taken right when he got home that night. He's so proud...

These were taken the next day. You can see the huge dent on the side and the drivers mirror that was ripped off. yeah, lovely, I know.


Rachel and Jared said...

Glad to hear Phil wasn't hurt. So, is your car in the shop? I hope your car gets better soon! haha j/k. I would've had a completely different look on my face if that just happened to me, haha.

Rachel and Jared said...

BTY, where did you get your cute background? I love it!

The Graham Family said...

I heard about this, is this what I have to look forward to now that Cody is out there hunting?
I am so glad he is OK I imagine it could have been a whole lot worse and I am sorry about your car.
How in the world did he see out the windsheild?

k.c. said...

first of all, your new background is a.dor.able. i love it!

second, sorry about the deer! that sure is bad luck. if it were my husband though, i'd blame him and say it was bad driving, which isn't even true, b/c he's a superior driver ... but i'd still tease him.